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What would you prefer from touching and swiping your phone’s screen and just a “Hey, Alexa order me a burger” for your next online food order?

Voice: Is it one of the biggest evolutions in the world of online ordering?

While the keyboard, and touchscreen are all great inventions, none of them can provide more ease and satisfaction and is as quick as a human conversation. And this is the primary reason why technologies using automatic speech recognition and natural language processing are gaining a lot of popularity in almost every field these days.

The idea behind this technology is to make users feel very comfortable and making things easier for them. Some examples of very successful voice recognition systems are Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant, in fact, they are also known as personal assistants since they assist their master in doing jobs. Google successfully introduced its voice search back in 2012. However, adoption of this technology has ramped up in recent years with the introduction of “personal voice assistants”, like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, and voice assistants, including Alexa and Siri.

Projections show that by 2020, almost 50% of all searches will be voice-based. This report clearly shows that people are moving toward voice searches than anything else in today’s world. According to a recent report by data management firm Yext, eight out of ten people already use their voice devices to search for a restaurant by particular attributes like speciality, ratings, the type of food, etc. A significant number of users use voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to seek information about where to dine when. They also found out that approximately 45% of consumers would make a reservation with a voice search. With this report, this can be easily inferred that voice is going to a huge revolution in the field of online ordering.

How can restaurants use voice ordering to their benefit?

A large number of the famous food chains, such as Domino’s, Denny’s, and Starbucks, have already sensed the importance of voice ordering for their consumers and have become a part of the revolution.

From in-app voice-activated ordering to complete integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and other voice assistants, these restaurants are making it easier than ever for customers to order their favourite dishes at ease. After your first order, your next order can be as simple as, “Alexa, order my usual from Domino’s.”

It will allow its users to make orders, look at the food menu, and it will also give food recommendations based on previous orders, apply coupons and promo codes for discounts and pay without the need to touch a screen, these future-forward brands provide users with a conversational, convenient and amazing food ordering experience, it will not only help to improve the customer experience but will also create additional revenue and align with the shift towards a food-on-demand model, which makes it a win-win situation for both the restaurants and the users.

Though some major players have already begun to offer voice ordering, this technology has yet to see a whole new world of revolutions. And almost all companies should try this out since it does not require a big budget and is also consumer-friendly.

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