Alexa SkillsVoice.WorksNovember 6, 2019Personalise Your Alexa Experience

In the age of digitization, technology is innovating day by day. With the innovation in technologies, there is a head to head competition in the market like sharks in the pool. Amazon has flourished to develop Alexa skills to upgrade its user experience and stay one step ahead of the market competitors like Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

What is voice profile personalization?

Alexa skills personalization function is a feature that provides a skills kit to developers to enhance consumers’ experience by customizing voice profiles based on daily usage and the history of individuals.

Personalization feature serves accuracy in linking of Alexa skill user and its account profile by voice recognition. It enhances the productivity of devices by letting users profile customization in apps like games, music, podcast, and daily apps such as health apps, ordering apps, booking apps, etc.

How does it work?

Suppose two users are using the same device with different voice account profiles. Alexa skill personalization enables the skill device to serve according to user customization based on users’ preferred feeds and history on their voice profiles. For example, Mary and Jane are two users using the same device; skill personalization will cater to both the user individually on the data based on their different voice account profiles. The skill device can distinguish user profiles by recognizing their voice commands.

Set up the voice account profile

Users can create voice account profiles on compatible devices by giving a voice command to learn my voice for voice recognization and go with instructions to complete the account setup.

In shared skill devices, different users can create their profile by giving a voice command to shared Alexa’s tool and register themselves. To create several profiles, an individual has to offer voice command switch users and then give voice recognition command to learn my voice to create individual profiles on skill shared devices.

One can remove their profile by going to the settings and select the delete my voice option in the Alexa account. Even after the removal of the profile, the user can recreate its pattern at any time with the same steps.

If someone does not have a voice profile on a skilled device, they can operate Alexa skill by using a guest profile by the command I m someone else.

Functions of the voice profile

Voice profiles cater to users by features like

  • By assisting in calling and messaging on an individual level based on user voice profile.
  • It updates the profile data individually according to the voice profiles to hop the repetition. For example, the skill will update and serve refreshed news feed on the individual level of several voice profiles on the same ability shared device.
  • Alexa can personalize music playlists according to the voice profile personalization based on voice command.
  • Personalization of voice profiles enables the users to customize skill experience based on individual voice commands. It caters to accurate responses to select users by voice recognization. It configures real users by voice command to link their voice profile.
  • Voice skill developers have upgraded data privacy and user information security to make personalization safe, secure, and trustful.


By introducing and improving Alexa skills voice profile personalization, the user may magnify the utility of skill devices. This personalization voice profile feature will attract several users to opt power enabled products and services as it eases the daily tasks routine only with voice commanding. It will directly inflate the number of Alexa skill users. Voice profile skill developers are providing consumers an improved and secured user experience, which assists in their hectic schedule by personalizing likes, dislikes, and daily preferences.

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