GadgetsTechnologyMarch 22, 20190Lifx – Wi-Fi Connected Lighting for Smart Homes

Lifx, Bringing Wi-Fi Connected Smart lighting system for Home & offices to achieve a different type of Home automation for your light fixtures. You can control your light colors, turn them on or off from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet and you can even control them using your smart speakers like Google or Alexa Home devices.

They have a good product line and the following is what they have to offer to make your home lighting smart.

Lifx – Beam

One of the cool product that we come across is Lifx Beam, as the name suggests it’s a beam like light panel which can be fit into various ways and can be integrated with your other Smart Home tech to give various colors and inputs.

Lifx – Tile

Another cool product that we come across is Lifx Tile, as the name suggests again it’s a tile-like light panel. In a single box, you can order 3 or 5 sets of such tiles and group them together in various shapes to form different types of shapes and it can generate various color pallets for you.

Lifx – Z

If you are into multi-color RGB lights to be used as providing background lighting to your gaming setup or your TV setup, Lifx Z light strips could be a good fit for your Smart Home solution. Similar to other lighting products, these lights can also be controlled via wifi over an App or you can connect this to your Smart speakers for it to generate various color pallets.


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