UncategorizedJune 29, 2022Is Planning that Important?


Growing as adults, everyone would have been taught how crucial planning is when it comes to managerial duties. The same implies to businesses as well. 

If you are a new face in the business fraternity, you might have, at some point in time, thought of how some high-performing businesspersons do it all. And, to do what they do, the primary secret is: Planning. 

Planning is the heart of any project management. It implies to outlining the roadmap that decides the actions that need to be taken in order to reach a set goal. Ideally, planning is done on the basis of facts and figures. When done right, it significantly increases the success rate.  

  • To do it right, one must: 
  • Invest time in market research 
  • Consult experts 
  • Set objectives   
  • Apply logical reasoning 
  • Analyze & take factual steps 

Why are we talking about planning today? 

Serverless Computing is our way of planning it the right way. Moreover, we help businesses like yours to plan way ahead of your application deployment. 

Serverless has become our spice of life due to some really concerning issues: 

Application developers had to invest their time in managing the infrastructure. 

The developers could not give more time in their core skills – developing apps. 

The servers were costing the developers a significant amount. 

With unexpected loads on the servers, the breakdown slowed the entire process. 

These were only a few of the many reasons we started offering serverless services, the best way possible.  

Here’s how we do it: 

You write amazing codes for creating the desired application. 

Using the cloud architecture, we offer you an on-demand access to our resources based on your requirements,  

We manage all of your code’s execution through our servers. 

You do not pay for the idle hours where you are not using the servers. 

In a nutshell: We take the burden of the infrastructure from your shoulders. As a software developer, you only need to focus on coding for your applications. 

How does serverless computing signify planning? 

  1. Here we’ll take an example for the best of your understanding: 
  2. Imagine you created an application and it did not hit well initially. 
  3. You would be running and managing servers based on the low flow of the application. 
  4. However, one fine day, your application spikes like anything with increased number of downloads. 
  5. Your servers would not be able to take the load of such unprecedented downloads. 
  6. Due to the increase in the number of app downloads, the servers crash and all your efforts go in vain. 

Now, think it this way, once you servers crash, you might need to purchase other servers which could cost you significantly. On the contrary, if you planned well ahead, your application would be running and growing smoothly, reducing the time, efforts, and money you had to invest traditionally.  

We, at DataVizz, make sure that your application keeps running without any crashing downs. You code and we manage your infrastructure. If you wish to go serverless, we have got your backs. 

Food for thought 

Efficient planning has helped in progressive improvements of many business giants. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Many have done it before, and so is it going to be in the future. The question is where do you see yourself in the future? 


by Justina Jibin

Enthusiasm and Creativity rightly define my profile. Developing my vocabulary has been a continuous effort since my childhood. Starting my career as a writer fed my creativity. By transforming adverse conditions into my strengths, I have learned and adapted a few skills to survive, excel, and prosper. Acquiring the ability to work with teams, lead a team, train new writers, and keep learning has what kept me moving. I am a listener, thinker, and most importantly, a Writer.