Alexa SkillsVoice.WorksMarch 27, 20190How to manage In-Skill Product with Alexa ASK CLI

The Alexa platform can allow Skill creators to host in-skill products which would allow Alexa users to interact and buy those products within the Alexa Skill itself.

One of the pain areas could be to add new in-skill products whenever you wanted to publish some new products via your Alexa Skill.

The usual way to achieve this is by using the UI of the Developer console to add new In-Skill Products to your Alexa Skill.
Something like this.

Developer Console

But there is another and more convenient way for you to manage your in-skill products list is using ASK CLI, Which can allow you to add, remove or list any In-Skill products that you are hosting in your Alexa Skill.

Go through the below video.


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