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DataVizz has become a globally renowned voice based agency in helping brands to capture the voice centric market by designing and developing various alexa skills development and to enable them to engage and acquire voice as a new frontier for their customer base.

With the niche that DataVizz has in Serverless, Alexa skills app development have been optimised for performance and resiliency that a brand needs to serve their voice centric customers.
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Not Only Mobile First, But Voice First Too

Voice search is a growing part of everyday life. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice-activated. A percentage that will continue to increase as device adoption of the Amazon Echo and Google Home grows. With these smart home devices set up in more and more homes, users will turn to them for answers to questions rather than opening their Chrome app and typing their query into Google. As marketers, we need to equip ourselves and our clients to succeed in this new voice-first environment.

55% of households in the US are expected to own a smart speaker like Amazon echo devices in 2022. The best way to get in front of potential customers on these devices is through the Alexa Skills base. An Alexa Skill is the smart home device equivalent of an app for your phone on the Amazon Echo series of devices. You can enable the Skills manually or by speaking a command to Alexa.

What We Offer in Alexa Development

VUI Design

Our Alexa developers can help your to design an end to end voice user interface design for your voice apps.

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

Our team can help in Alexa app development with Alexa Skills Kit and get it certified and published on Amazon store.

Alexa Voice Services(AVS)

With our industry experience and expertise we can help you to built your own Alexa Voice Services App

IOT Device Integration

Our Alexa developers can help you integrate your IOT device with Alexa and can help you to achieve necessary certification to support native integration with Alexa devices.

Why Hire Alexa Developers from DataVizz?

DataVizz provides trusted Alexa App development services for advanced voice services. Hire our certified developers who are always hungry to learn new technologies. As a leading Voice development company, we make sure that you get innovative and customised services.

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Our Pricing Models


Suited for entrepreneur & startups, this pricing model works best for medium to large projects with specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

Suited for startups, this pricing model works for small and medium project sizes, as you only have to pay for the resources and time you use.


Suited for enterprises, this pricing model works with evolving project requirements. We set up an IT infrastructure solely for the continuing project. 

DataVizz Promise

We know that if client’s project launches smoothly, they’ll come back for more. We're willing to over-invest in guaranteeing results, rather than under-invest to make our financial reports look pretty in the short-run.

We offer a risk-free trial period of up to two weeks. You will only have to pay if you are happy with the developer and wish to continue. If you are unsatisfied, we’ll refund payment or fix issues on our dime.