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It’s that time of the year – It’s Google’s summer announcement season, and we can’t keep calm.  

I/O 2022 kicked off on 11th May to highlight new software and a few hardware announcements. Every year, Google hosts this once-in-a-year developer’s conference where both developers, as well as end-users, would know – “what’s new?”  

In Google’s I/O conference for developers, glimpses of the next version of Android devices and Google services are usually seen. Developer communities from all over the world gather to learn, communicate, make connections, and have fun. As per the law of tech events, Google is offering live streaming of the I/O keynotes. However, you can get an overview of what happened in Google I/O 2022 from this blog in only 10 minutes.  

Early Google I/O 2022 updates  

  • Google updates Material 3 with a new Floating Action Button (FAB) integrated bottom app bar i.e., Google Tasks.  
  • Android 13 preview is available for Oppo’s latest flagship, the Find X5 Pro.   
  • A trial run for Android 13 Developer Preview is available for OnePlus 10 Pro devices.   

Google I/O 2022 updates

  • Starting with the official teaser on May 11, Google took off with a video briefing its mission and this year’s theme – “Built to help”  
  • As expected, the opening keynote was about Android 13 (although most of it was already known since the open beta of the software update was available.) Instead, the more fascinating shares of the keynote were dedicated to Google’s new Pixel products.   
  • Google Translate now supports over 130 languages after the addition of 24 new languages & dialects.  
  • Select cities would experience “Immersive Views” and the flair to use Live View’s AR in third-party applications in Google Maps focusing more on eco-friendly routes.   
  • With machine learning, Google Meet calls shall be enhanced with portrait light.   
  • Google Lens’ “scene exploration” shall let users explore surroundings, identify products, and even filter them in real-time.  
  • Along with Meet, Google announces features across Chat and Docs.  
  • Google expands on “Real Tone” in Google Photos and an open-source library with the addition of a new set of filters.  
  • Google Nest Hub Max shall get camera-powered Look and Talk and Quick phrases.   
  • Safer online shopping is promised with the ability to create virtual credit cards on Google Chrome.  
  • The new “My Ad Center” will enable you to control advertising based on its brand and topic. It would let the user turn off “Personalized Ads.”  
  • Google is expanding its security features with a major focus on 2SV. Personal search results shall be removable more easily with the “Results about you” feature.  
  • The entry-level model of the Pixel 6 series, Pixel 6a ($449) has been officially launched powered by Google’s flagship Tensor processor.  
  • Google surprisingly revealed the first look of Pixel 7 as well as Pixel 7 Pro with an aluminium camera bar that will be available in the market this fall.  
  • The Pixel Buds Pro, Google’s powerful new addition to the assistant-powered headphones family, was unveiled. It’ll be Google’s first ANC-equipped earbuds. The Pixel Buds Pro will also have a custom audio chip and pass-through. Later this year, the earbuds will be enhanced with Spatial Audio, as well.  
  • A new android-powered Pixel tablet will be coming in 2023 that will run on the Google Tensor chip.  
  • Google confirmed that the Pixel Watch is in making. It will be coming later this year with Pixel 7.  
  • Google blew everyone’s mind with its eyeglasses that can literally translate anything said to you (even sign language) before your eyes – instantly (indeed, you must be wearing them on.)  
  • Android 13 Beta 2 for Pixel phones as well as the Android Emulator are now available.  
  • Google shall enhance the recently launched Magic Eraser that would change the colours of the background objects with the launch of Pixel 6a.  
  • A glimpse of the upcoming “Dolphin” release for Android Studio was shown in I/O 2022 which is progressing into the Beta testing phase.  
  • SDK – a web tool offering insights into the most popular Android packages in use for Google Play releases.   
  • LiveOps, a new beta program, will let developers submit their applications, discounts, special events, etc. to be featured on the Play Store.   
  • Another new feature that will be added to the Play Store will be the ability to manage up to 50 store listings with slight variances for an application.   
  • Google’s Jetpack Compose for Wear OS was announced to be reached the beta testing phase, where it is often considered to be ready for production applications. Also, Jetpack Compose 1.2 Beta was launched in I/O 2022, where font padding would be optional, which would be disabled by default in the future.   
  • Flutter 3, a cross-platform app creation suite expands with stable support for macOS, Material You, as well as Linux with dynamic themes and more.  
  • A new set of features for Android and Web Developers and security & third-party services improvements were announced by the Firebase team.  
  • Google improves ARCore’s foundation for faster and more reliable functioning on Pixel 6 as well as Google Maps Live View.   
  • Google announced the opening of its second-ever Google Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the 16th of June.  
  • During Google I/O, lots of features of Android 13 were released, one of which was the cross-device copy-paste feature where you can copy on one device, paste it on any other connected device and share it with anyone you want.   
  • After all these years, the Wear OS is finally getting the Google Home app for smart control.  
  • Google unveiled its new tool known as the AI Test Kitchen which is designed to generate text relevant to almost all given subjects.  

Food for Thought  

Google I/O is the annual stage for the tech giant to boast about its yearly achievements while showcasing lights on the progress of its various products. Google I/O 2022 can be summarized into 24 new languages, 86 billion eco-friendly routes, 6 new pixel products, 500k flutter-built apps, AR-powered eyeglasses, a new physical Google Store, and many new interesting features for developers. While Google ignited the curiosity spark in everyone, we are sure, like us, you are looking forward to this technically superpowered year and witnessing Google’s theme come true – “Built to Last”  

Which release excites you the most? It’s AR-powered eyeglasses for us! Let us know your pick in the comments. Also, check out our exclusive data management services, cloud consulting services, voice app development services, and security engineering services. We are your cloud’s one-stop solution!

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