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Combine your business presence with Alexa’s voice automated feature and take your business to the next level by hiring our best Alexa App Developers.
Google Action Development
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Google Assistant, as it is known, is Google’s version of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa that was launched back in 2016. Since then, it has made improbable advancements in virtual assistance, making it one of the leading voice assistants present out there. It has not only developed in itself but also partnered with many devices, including automobile companies, headphones, and speakers. At DataVizz, we help you infuse Google Assistant across devices. Make it a habit of saying: Ok, Google!

With Google Action Development, you can carry Artificial Intelligence right at your fingertips. It offers instant solutions and versatility that help you collect information across a wide range of smart devices. The speech recognition technology in Google Assistant helps you communicate with the software. The voice command for Google Assistant ‘Ok Google,’ is the first step to establishing communication with the software. Designed with Machine Learning Technology, Google Action Development is spread worldwide, easing human tasks on the internet. Find new places, search images, play songs, search for information, book tickets, and do anything of the sort with a single command, Ok Google.

Google app actions help users launch and control android applications with their vocal inputs with the aid of google assistant. BII (Built-in-Intents) is semantics that is recognized by app actions that govern the common ways consumers would express tasks they want to finish. This increases faster response by extending in-app functionality to assist, enabling users to access your application’s features through their voice inputs. When invoked by an app action by the consumer, the assistant matches the query with the preexisting sets of BII declared in the backend. If the raised query matches, the assistant along with the software launches the application as per the user’s request.

Business Benefits of Google Action Development

Associating your brand with Google's voice-automated virtual assistant takes your business a leap forward with the world's largest search engine operator. Integrating features such as voice automated assistance with your applications enables mobility to its launch and simultaneously reduces human efforts. This also reduces the response time to open an application which would generally take more time if done remotely.

Google action development services allow establishing an interactive interface through google assistant. Adopting such features gives brand marketability which they desire by adopting new technological advancements. With our advanced Google app development techniques, help connect your brand with your customers with just a vocal prompt.


It helps businesses build actions that connect brands and users directly through voice.

Easy Accessibility

It allows you to access the simplest of the applications at your fingertips.


Users are directed to the application based on a single voice prompt instantly.

Hands-off technology

It gives the users the experience of a hands-free interface eliminating the need for usage of devices.

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