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Imagine being at a restaurant and ordering something by just saying its name, wouldn’t that be exciting? Well a decade ago this could only be the dream of or be seen in a sci-fi movie but it’s 2019 and Voice Activation is becoming huge!
From making searches on smartphones to controlling appliances, voice bots have created a market of their own. The major products being Google Home and Amazon Echo Devices which have their own voice bots, Google Assistant and Alexa respectively. Apart from these two, there is Cortana from Microsoft and Siri from Apple which is limited to smartphones as of now. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, on the other hand, have been utilized in various scenarios like Home and Business Automation.

When it comes to Restaurants and Cafes, there are a lot of hassles that can be cleared out with a Voice Bot like Amazon’s Alexa. The ability to customize Alexa for a specific set of instructions makes it convenient for making use in restaurants and cafes. There are a plethora of ways voice bots can be used in a restaurant and café, come let’s take a look at some of the ways.

Voice Bots to welcome and greet patrons

Greeting your customers when they enter your restaurant, gives you an extra point for courtesy. To date, hotels and restaurants have doormen that open the gate and greet the patrons, automating this process can prove to be a new and exciting addition to the overall experience of your restaurant.

Using Voice Bots to take orders

While other restaurants are busy managing their waiters, you can effortlessly take orders with Alexa Devices. Amazon’s Alexa can be programmed by a team of Alexa Skill Developers carry your entire menu and any other information that might be beneficial for your patrons like the chef’s recommendations, specials of the day, or just a random joke to keep them entertained while they sip on their coffee or take a bite of a hot and fresh pizza. Taking orders can become a breeze and can prove profitable as it partially eliminates the need for waiters.

Adding a personal touch to the customer experience

Every person’s voice is different than the other person and utilizing this to recognize a particular customer can create a personal experience for them. This can be beneficial for creating brand loyalty towards your restaurant or cafe.

Using Voice Bots to gather feedback on your product and service quality

People often leave without giving you any review or feedback for your service and products but with voice bots, this process can be made interactive for your patrons. Programming Alexa with a form that includes specific questions and multiple responses for getting accurate feedback. Making this process interactive and less boring leads to more and more responses which will eventually help you increase the level of customer satisfaction and will result in an increase in footfall and sales.
Voice activation is already in action; fast-food giant KFC is using voice-activated kiosks in China to take orders. The technology will be beneficial in the long run when the millennial generation will make up the majority of the population that visits restaurants and cafes.

If you’re impressed by the various uses of Voice Bots in a Restaurant or Cafe and want to give your restaurant a voice, feel free to contact us, DataVizz – an Alexa Skill Development Company that aims to provide Voice Bot and ChatBot solutions to revolutionize the way businesses operate.


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