Synergizing Data from across the World

from data collection to statistic submission.


Analytical Summary

KASSANDRABLOG called up for a solution to interpret complicated and inaccessible data in a comprehensible manner. We collected data from various sources, analyzed them, and exhibited them graphically. We built visualizations of some major concerns of life including climatic change, natural resources, health, and economy. We took accessible public data and provided them with data analysis, datasets, and infographics on topical topics.  

Know our Client

KASSANDRABLOG is an Italian company birthed by a group of people working for Growing Power. Our client offers useful resources to readers, bloggers, online publications, and journalists. In a defined time, they examine inequalities in food & water consumption, infant mortality, education, and work. They make analysis accessible and understandable to the common people.  

Note their Pain Points

Finding data for world population, pollution, and COVID case altogether were the challenge pursued by KASSANDRABLOG. They needed sources providing detailed stats and reports for the same. 

Hear in their Solutions

They proposed a solution wherein we, at DataVizz, had to collect and process data from the backend.  

Discover our Specifics

We built an automated chain by creating a service wherein the data of world Covid cases, Italy Covid cases, world population, Italy population, world pollution, and Italy pollution, were automatically updated in our database. Using that database, we provided the statistics as per their requirements with graphs. We found everyday Covid details for them and created a detailed statistical report for their website. 

We also maintained their cloud, including the database, website deployment, and AWS maintenance. We built a monitoring tool by which we could monitor everything.


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