Power Your Orgnization with Alexa For Business

Power Your Orgnization with Alexa For Business

Alexa devices have been an intergal part of households lately. Having a personal voice assistant like Amazon Echo devices have been a common factor across globe.

Amazon launched their plans for pentetrating the same reach into Orgnaziations and office spaces with Alexa for Business.

What is Alexa for Business?

Alexa for businsess is a managed service provided on Amazon’s cloud platform AWS.

It has mainly has three components, Alexa Devices,A tool to manage and deploy Alexa devices and an interface to manage and deploy various private skills.

It also brings more a lot more control on what kind of skills to be published onto the Alexa devices which gets deployed into office spaces and it also provides an interface to integrate those skills with various office IT applications and infrastructures.

What Alexa for business can do in office?

Alexa for Business in office

With Alexa for business, Alexe devices can be deployed into two ways, As a Shared device for common spaces like Meeting Rooms, Kitchen, lobbies. It can also be deployed as a personal assistant for a specific user for indivedual productivity tasks.

There are numurous applications of Alexa devices in office.

Meeting Room Bookings:

A skill can be deployed that enables employees to reserve meeting rooms with Alexa. Employees can ask Alexa things like, "Alexa, find a room for an hour."

Meetings skills leverage the Alexa for Business room booking API that offers a pre-built voice interaction model. Skill can be configured to have a pre-populated list of rooms based on the office layout.

Directions & Desk Placements

A skill can be deployed to let the new employees to bring upto the speed for the directions within the office space or to find a desk of a collegue.


A skill can be deployed to let the employees to put requests directly for various housekeeping things like "Alexa, request for papers for Printer 1" or "Alexa,ask admin to refill the cofee". It can also be used to register any issues related to various office spaces.

Office Automations

Alexa for Business can also be used to control various smart devices like Lights, Thermostats, Blinds etc.

Flash Briefings

Alexa for business deployed for specific users would allow to do various productivity taks like publishing flash briefings to chart out their daily meeting plans, due tasks and etc.

Alexa with BI

A skill can also be deployed to integrate with various enterprise applications like business intellegence tools to bring various stats or reports right away by voice based queries.

How it works?

How It works?

After registering a company for Alexa for business,Using a link provided by the company’s Alexa for Business administrator, anyone from the organization can deploy the skills into company’s Alexa skill network either from the existing Blueprints or a custom skill to execute various operations.

All that’s needed to submit a skill to your organization is an Amazon account and the Alexa for Businesses organization identifier (also known as an ARN) provided by the organization’s IT admin. That means that anyone at the office can contribute to creating useful Alexa skills for the organization.

How to Get Started with Alexa for Business?

How to get started

Alexa for business is currently available only in USA region. To start using Alexa for business, A company need to register for it using their AWS account and once that’s done various Alexa devices needs to be registered into the same account.

Pricing for Alexa for business is 7$ per device and 3$ for a enrolled user.

If you’re looking to see how voice assistants like Alexa could make an impact in your organisation, We are an Alexa Skill Development Company, we’d love to talk.


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