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In the current era of digitization, we are witnessing the shifting market trend towards voice assistants. Artificial intelligence and voice assistants are becoming a prevailing culture in recent years, which is recognizing by businesses, and users are being habitual or favouring.

History of Alexa

The first voice assistants introduced in 1961 as IBMs shoebox device. In 2011 apple delivers the first an innovated voice-enabled assistant Siri in their smartphones to customers. In 2014 with the deployment of Alexa voice assistants in homes made a dramatic shift in user behaviour by embracing Amazon Alexa voice assistant services. Users will use Alexa skills in playing music, ordering food, make payments, controlling smart devices like television, doors, ac, etc. The forecasting growth rate in the usage of Alexa skill technology is 54.74%.

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What are Alexa skills?

Alexa is programmed in a speaker to answers users’ questions and accept voice commands to get things done. This programmed artificial intelligence in voice assistance, which can develop for operating other devices and increases their productivity, is called Alexa Skills.
Recently uber is collaborated with amazon Alexa to develop Alexa skills by which users can book their cab by using voice-assisted Alexa speakers. Amazon Alexa developers are integrating voice assistants in applications to customizes customers utilizing the trend of products and services.

Alexa’s Market

Amazon is collaborating with electronics manufacturer companies to give an option to users for Alexa skill-enabled devices by which consumers can give voice commands to operate. With the increasing figures of officially supported devices like amazon echo, echo spot, echo dot, and
amazon fire stick, Alexa is wide-spreading.

How Alexa skills work?

  • Alexa skill helps to support developers for coding in a variety of languages and web stacks like Java, Node.js, Python, and C#.
  • Alexa skill enables developers to gain cloud access for streaming the voice command to the Alexa voice server then transmitted it to a particular power in transformed requests.
  • Privacy security is the primary concern in voice-recognizing technologies. Alexa skill is in the developing stage of knowing the owner’s voice, speech pattern, voice pitch, and vocabulary to restrict misuse and assure data protection.

Benefits of Alexa to Business Entities

It has reportedly observed that businesses and enterprises have a competitive advantage by incorporated Alexa’s skills in their everyday operations. Some of the reviews by companies invested in Alexa skill development are:

  • It can improve marketing tactics by Alexa skill assistance to up-selling and cross-selling with consumers, which optimizes consumer behaviour and puts a unique impact.
  • Alexa skill can save time by assisting in tedious works as growing figures of officially supported devices like ac, lights, scheduling, television, security system, ordering, etc.
  • Amazon Alexa skill provides users to operate devices and living assistance like ordering online, alarms, booking, etc. on voice commands.

Features that a Business should build

  • Custom Interaction skill
  • Music skill
  • Video skill
  • Flash briefing skill
  • Smart Home skill APIs

What do various Users do with Alexa Skills?

  • Email Management
  • Finding Services
  • Managing Invoices
  • Collecting Online Store Information
  • Providing Reminders
  • Tracking Packages

If you’re impressed by the various uses of Amazon Alexa in business and want to give your business the touch of Voice, feel free to contact us, DataVizz – an Alexa Skill Development Company that aims to provide Voice Bot and ChatBot solutions to revolutionize the way businesses operate.