What are Alexa Skills?


Alexa is an intelligent voice-enabled personal assistant developed by Amazon. Amazon has provided interfaces and SDKs to let various enterprises build various functions to let Alexa(virtual assistant) fulfill various operations by connecting to their platform. Amazon treats these as `Skills` and Enterprises can develop various skills to integrate Alexa Platform into their product.

Building custom Alexa would enable an enterprise to make their product/services available to the customers over Alexa platform. DataVizz specializes in creating custom skills on Alexa platform which can help various enterprises to get connected to the technology which has penetrated and reached to almost every household.

Why Datavizz?

We believe that developers are responsible for shipping applications and features that are designed by proven blueprints and supportable within required SLAs; the code is well-written, covered by automated tests and reviewed by peers; and the changes have been thoroughly tested on production-like configurations and can be automatically deployed with zero downtime.



Our team has built production implementations of similar design, scale, and complexity in the past.



Our technical staff spends years mastering specific technology stacks, developing blueprints, and engaging the community.



Collaboration across project teams to deliver projects from conception to production is a cornerstone of modern software engineering.



We bring robust agile processes, CICD pipelines, QA automation, and dynamic dev/test environments to every project.



We automate everything: environment provisioning, test execution, production upgrades, and configuration management.



Software quality and reliability cannot be an afterthought. Our engineers are quality assurance experts, with a focus on automation.


ASK Development

Build & Run custom Alexa Skills to integrate your products into Alexa.

AVS Development

Integrate Alexa Voice Services into your existing Mobile Applications.

Alexa for Analytics

Integrate your existing Analytics platform/services into Alexa.

Voice DevOps

Implementation of CI/CD process for Alexa Apps.

Alexa Built-in Devices

Create your own hardware with a custom skill developed using Alexa.

Alexa SmartHome Skills

Integrate your SmartHome product into Alexa by developing SmartHome custom skills.

Alexa for Business

Power your workspace with Alexa skills integrations.

Product management and Project Delivery


As a global delivery center and serving customers all over the world, DataVizz is structured to support many flexible delivery models that can adapt to customer needs while maintaining speed and agility. We can deliver projects onshore, offshore or in a hybrid configuration to optimize cost, productivity, and collaboration. We can either bring our program managers, project managers, and business analysts to create complete, self-sufficient teams or work as part of an integrated team with our customers’ personnel.


Self-sufficient agile teams of specialists include:
  • Program managers
  • Architects and technical leads
  • Business analysts
  • Developers
  • QA automation engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Experts in business application domains
Agile methodologies, practices and tools include:
  • Requirements backlog management
  • Sprint planning
  • Daily stand-ups
  • Sprint-based iterations
  • Regular demos to stakeholders
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous delivery
Global delivery teams optimized for productivity and collaboration:
  • Cross-functional, co-located onsite teams under one roof
  • Remote offshore development teams
  • Hybrid onshore/offshore multi-site teams
  • Collaboration, communication, and performance management tools suitable for specific types of project delivery, customized to meet a specific client's needs.


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